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July 2014
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On Sunday's live show from Samsung NBA Summer League, The Starters talk to Wizards guard/forward Glen Rice Jr. about winning MVP honors, his rebounding, and learning from Paul Pierce. That, plus we play "Name That Junior" with him, discuss the All-NBA Summer Teams, and set up Monday's Finals.

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On today's show, The Starters talk to Rick Fox about his new NBA TV show, his experience at Summer League, and his many hair styles. All that, plus the greatest Summer League game off all time. Maybe.

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On today's live show from Samsung NBA Summer League, NBATV's own Brent Barry joins us to discuss the Wiggins-for-Love rumors, his salad hair, and to play a little game of Hedbanz — Vegas edition.

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On today's show, Tim Hardaway Jr. joins The Starters on set to build his bio. What's his pet peeve? What's his go-to karaoke song? If he owned a yacht, what would he name it? All that, plus Wiggins for Love rumors, summer league highlights, and it's so hot we fry an egg outside.

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On today's show, The Starters put Lakers' rookie Julius Randle to the test as he plays "Kobe Superfan Trivia Challenge." All that, plus Lance Stephenson's surprise move to Charlotte, Summer League highlights, and Adam Silver's mid-season tournament proposal.

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On today's show, Utah Jazz guard Trey Burke faces off against Trey Kerby in a battle of wits, endurance, and skill. All that, plus Dirk heads back to Dallas, Wade re-ups in Miami, and Doug McDermott continues to impress at Summer League.

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On today's show, live from Samsung NBA Summer League, Jabari Parker visits the set to discuss facing off against Andrew Wiggins, being coached by Jason Kidd, and his quest to find a lost civilization. All that, plus USA Basketball's roster, Nerlens Noel's new shooting touch, and a last minute Lakers win.


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Live from Samsung NBA Summer League, The Starters are joined by Wolves guard Alexey Shved to play a little game called "Change This Face." They also discuss Chandler Parsons' payday, Luol Deng heading to Miami, Paul Pierce's legacy, and all the on-the-court action from Day 3 in Vegas.

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Live from Samsung NBA Summer League, The Starters are joined by Utah Jazz rookie and Leigh Ellis' Aussie brother, Dante Exum. They also break down Pau's move to the Midwest, Melo's return to New York, and the rest of another busy day in free agency.

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On Friday's episode of The Starters — live from NBA Summer League in Vegas — the guys discuss LeBron James' decision to return home, Chris Bosh gettin' paid, the Lakers busy day, the Wiggins/Parker matchup, and the 76ers' Orlando Summer League title. That, plus mechanic shirts and the "Guy You've Never Heard of the Day."

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